Purple Probiotic Smoothie

Purple Probiotic Smoothie
  • Time: 5 Minutes
  • Serves: 1 x 12 fl oz
  • Difficulty: Easy

Looking to boost your intake of probiotics? We have the smoothie for you! Understanding gut health is the challenge on all of our radars at the moment, but our friend Kat Burris made it easier with our Pitaya Foods Dragon Fruit Freeze Dried Powder in this Purple Probiotic Power Smoothie recipe! Enjoy a healthy dose of probiotics, protein, and antioxidants with a recipe that’s as simple as it is delicious.

HEALTH SWAP; Kick up the Probiotics: swap in a more potent source of probiotics by using kefir instead of greek yogurt!

Recipe Benefits

  • Immunity
  • Antioxidants
  • Brain Health


  • Directions
    1. Add all prepped ingredients to your blender

    2. Turn blender on medium to high for ~45 seconds or until desired consistency

    3. Pour the blender mix into a glass and enjoy

  • Nutritional Benefits

      Vitamin E acts as a protective antioxidant in the body, may also reduce markers of oxidative stress, and enhances immune function.


      Fiber aids in maintaining steady blood sugar levels, keeping hunger at bay, proper digestion, and fueling a healthy gut microbiome.


      Manganese aids in the proper function of the brain, nervous system and in the production of many vital enzymes and antioxidants.

  • Advanced Nutrients

    Macronutrients are the nutritive components of food that the body needs for energy and to maintain the body's structure and systems.

    Nutritional Facts

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