Peppermint Coconut Smoothie

Peppermint Coconut Smoothie
  • Time: 5 Minutes
  • Serves: 1 x 12 fl oz
  • Difficulty: Easy
Taste the holidays with our Peppermint Coconut Smoothie. Only 6 ingredients for a quick and delicious blend. Perfect for a festive morning or divide into smaller glasses for a dessert shooter with friends. Cheers to more holiday treats and enjoy.

Recipe Benefits

  • Antioxidants
  • Strong Bones
  • Gut Health


  • Directions
    1. Add all prepped ingredients to your blender except cacao nibs

    2. Turn blender on medium to high for ~45 seconds or until desired consistency

    3. Add cacao nibs and pulse blend until desired consistency

    4. Pour mix into a glass or multiple small glasses to share and enjoy!

  • Nutritional Benefits
    • High in Vitamin E

      Vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body, may also reduce markers of oxidative stress, and enhances immune function.

    • High in Calcium

      Calcium is a fundamental mineral essential for the development, growth and maintenance of healthy strong bones and teeth.

    • High in Fiber

      Fiber aids in maintaining steady blood sugar levels, keeping hunger at bay, fueling a healthy gut microbiome, and aiding in bowel regularity.

  • Advanced Nutrients

    Macronutrients are the nutritive components of food that the body needs for energy and to maintain the body's structure and systems.

    Nutritional Facts

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