Narendra at The Juice Stop Encinitas

Narendra at The Juice Stop Encinitas

Narendra and the Juice Stop in Encinitas, were one of the first accounts to give Pitaya Foods and Dragon Fruit a chance. From the start this was more than a business relationship, it was a friendship. When we’d meet, business was the last subject on the agenda. Narendra often started most conversations by asking how my family was and, Nalini would always request the latest photograph of my kids. They loved to watch them grow bigger and bigger, each time we met. Following this, with a beaming smile, was always the latest happenings of Neill and Purvi, his children, of whom he was clearly proud of.

We were in constant collaboration regarding menus and marketing ideas, not only creating dragon fruit menus but, Acai and juice cleanse menus too. We didn’t even sell those products but because of the great friendship we had we never hesitated to help he and Nalini out. It was what I’d call an old school relationship. It was personal not transactional like so many of the relationships we have in the business world.

It’s because of great people like Narendra and Nalini at The Juice Stop Encinitas, that small companies like ours have a chance to succeed and market. He was always willing to give new brands and products a chance, some of which have now gone on to become the top brands in their categories. I attribute a lot of our success to these small mom and pop juice bars. Without them who knows where we'd be.

I’d like to encourage anyone who’s local to stop by, say hi to Nalini and show them some support during these tough times.

- Ben