Old Bananas Are the New New...

Old Bananas Are the New New...

Don’t you dare throw away that old banana, there is still greatness within! Unfortunately, a lot of people see old Bananas and instantly think they're not good anymore and that it's time for the trash. Well, not so fast! We’re here to remind you that old Banana's are just the beginning of many delicious things to come.


The Advantage of Frozen Bananas

Saving Money and Food

You know the motto, “Work Hard, Go Bananas!” (we might have made that up). All jokes aside, throwing away old bananas is not only wasting perfectly good food, but also your money. YIKES!


Old Bananas Taste Amazing

That's right! Old Bananas are absolutely, mouthwateringly delicious. If you love the taste of Bananas, freeze the old ones and savor the flavor for later!


Creamy Smooth Consistency

We all love the creamy texture we get when we mash up or blend Bananas, right? But when you use a frozen Banana, the consistency and texture lasts much longer compared to that of a fresh Banana.


Perfect for Making Pitaya Bowls

You knew a Pitaya Bowl shout out was coming. Pitaya bowls are better made with more frozen ingredients and less liquid. That’s what gives smoothie bowls their thick consistency that we love adding toppings to. Frozen Bananas, like we said before, are the magic ingredient to keeping your bowl creamy, and delicious.


Banana Nutrients

We all need Potassium for muscle recovery, Vitamin C for an immunity boost, and Vitamin B6 for happiness. So freeze that Banana and enjoy it at a more convenient time!


3 Easy Steps to Freezing Old Bananas


 Old Banana

Step 1: Spot the Old Banana

How can you tell if a Banana is about to go bad? Easy. Remember that beautiful yellow skin that Banana had? Well, if that yellow skin is beginning to turn brown and spotty, that’s when you know; it's time to freeze it!

 Peel Banana

Step 2: Peel the Banana Before Freezing

Believe it or not, a lot of people forget to do this. Trust us, trying to peel a frozen banana is about as much fun as waiting in line at the DMV.

 Glass Container

Step 3: Store the Bananas

Quick Question: Do you find yourself hugging the occasional tree? If the answer is yes, store your bananas in a glass container. If the answer is no, then grab any plastic ziplock bag or plastic container. All of these will freshly store your bananas in the freezer.

Tricks and Tips


 Banana Overview

Bananas Don't Fit in the Bag or Container?

Cut your Bananas into halves, quarters, or small slices before storing.

How Long Can I Freeze Them?

4-6 months for healthy, tasty Bananas.

What About the Peel?

Glad you asked! Throw them in the garden for nutrients, shine your shoes, or whiten your teeth with the inside of the peel.

We hope you learned a little more about one of our favorite fruits! Be sure to tell your Banana loving friends to ensure no Banana is left behind! Please peel free to ask any questions and thank you for reading : )

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