Pitaya Plus Sorbet

  • Pitaya Plus Sorbet
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Want a Pitaya bowl but don't have a blender? No problem! We're proud to introduce our Pitaya / Dragon Fruit Sorbet. Perfect for making Pitaya bowls in just a few scoops.

Our Pitaya sorbet is offered in a 3 gallon pail ready to go when you are. Made with organic Pitaya making every bite mouthwateringly delicious.

Available for food service at the moment, so if you're interested in selling Pitaya sorbet in your shop, contact your Pitaya Plus rep or click here to fill out our form to get more information.

  • Ready to Go Pitaya Bowls
  • Delicious with Every Bite
  • Made with Organic Pitaya / Dragon Fruit
  • Perfect for Events
  • Makes Up to 50 8oz Servings

    Pitaya Plus Wholesale Form
    Pitaya Sorbet


    Make Delicious Pitaya Bowls with Just a Few Scoops

    Our Pitaya / Dragon Fruit sorbet is already blended and ready to go when you are. Serve delicious Pitaya bowls that will make anyone come back for more.

    Pitaya Plus Sorbet
    Pitaya Sorbet Scoop


    Perfect for Food Service and Events

    Don't have a lot of time to blend or need a kitchen on the go? Our Pitaya / Dragon Fruit sorbet is the perfect solution to your fast pace needs with a taste and color people will remember you by.

    Pitaya Plus Scoop
    Pitaya Plus Spoon Scoop