Nicaraguan Hurricane Relief

Nicaraguan Hurricane Relief
This November, two of the worst hurricanes in history hit Nicaragua and other parts of Central America leaving thousands homeless and without supplies. Nicaragua is the heart and soul of our company that we source Organic Dragon Fruit and Organic Coconut from. Us along with other partners hope to raise as much money as possible and donate it to the American Nicaragua Foundation (ANF). With your help, we can raise money to give people in Nicaragua what they need to survive. Here is how you can help.


Head to the ANF donation page and make a donation in any amount you choose.



We’re discounting our Nicaragua products and donating 100% of sales to ANF.



Select Playa Bowls are donating 100% of proceeds of their Dragon Fruit products (until Nov 27th) to ANF. We will match their donation.


American Nicaragua Foundation (ANF)
ANF is an organization dedicated to alleviating poverty in Nicaragua for over 25 years. Last year, ANF allocated $11.9 million dollars to Nicaraguan communities through programs like water & sanitation, agriculture, education, housing, healthy & nutrition, and humanitarian aid. Right now ANF is serving the Caribbean coast through the Red Cross, Feed the Hungry, and other partners to help those in need. Please head to their site to learn more and follow them on social media to see updates on the difference they are making.
Hurricane Eta was the first to strike Nicaragua on Nov 3rd. It was a category 4 reaching speeds up to 140 mph and considered one of the worst hurricanes to ever form in the south Atlantic region. Hurricane Iota started as a category 4, but escalated to a category 5 reaching speeds up to 160 mph. This hurricane hit Nicaragua Nov 16th, 13 miles away from where Hurricane Eta first made land fall. Both hurricanes have brought unimaginable destruction and even more rain which has cause many mudslides and floods.