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"To make the healthiest product possible through minimal processing and organic farming while directly supporting the communities we source from. After all, it’s just fruit, not Rocket Science!"
-Chuck and Ben


Dragon Fruit BowlBack in 2008, Pitaya Foods founder Chuck Casano was working in Nicaragua for a non-profit organization, when he came across this beautiful fruit called ‘Pitaya’ a.k.a. Dragon Fruit.

Eating this fruit on a daily basis, he always felt refreshed and energized. Knowing his time in Nicaragua was limited, he wondered how he could enjoy Dragon Fruit back home in the United States?
During his stay in Nicaragua, Chuck soon saw firsthand the impoverished living conditions, numerous single mothers, and the endless destruction all over the land, due in most part to a recent war and earthquakes. Something had to be done!

Teaming up with longtime friend Ben Hiddlestone (co-founder), they came up Pitaya Foods. A company that would make a difference in people's lives, while providing healthy Dragon Fruit to others around the world. Little did they know, this company would soon change the lives of hundreds of families in Nicaragua for the better.


Pitaya Foods Super-MomsUnfortunately, there is a large population of single mothers in Central America who struggle to find steady jobs. Studies show that supporting mothers is one of the most effective ways to have a positive impact on a community, and their families.

It is now 2020, and Pitaya Foods has been able to provide over 170 jobs for single mother's a.k.a. Super-Moms! We pay our Super-Moms above minimum wage and help contribute to their social security. Without these women, Pitaya Foods would not exist, and we are humbled every day by the hard work they give.


Pitaya Foods also has a commitment to renewable energy. We operate out of one of the only solar-powered facilities in Central America and are always considering new energy efficient ways to help with production.


The farmers and producers are also an important part of our project. We work with them directly and meet with every one of them face-to-face to ensure that the farms where we source our fruit from are kept clean, and working conditions are good for everyone involved. We also help with organic certification.

Here at Pitaya Foods we are trying to create something long lasting with benefits for everyone involved. We believe that this fruit earns its title as being a super fruit because of its super-power potential to make you a little healthier, and put smiles on the faces of people in impoverished countries.

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