Healthy Habits Kit

To receive orders before the weekend, order before 8am (PST) Wednesday.

This Healthy Habits kit contains 7 of our superfruits, plus a bonus never before seen product we are excited to announce... ORGANIC AVOCADO pieces. But that's not all. We partnered with Kat Burris (registered dietitian nutritionist) to create functional recipes, wellness tips, and exercises to inspire healthy habits! A limited quantity is available to ship in early January and preorders will save 10% off! 2021... WE'RE READY FOR YOU.

All Orders Include:

  • 14oz frozen Organic Dragon Fruit Packs
  • 14oz frozen Organic Acai Berry Packs
  • 14oz frozen Organic Acai+Guarana Packs
  • 14oz frozen Organic Coconut Packs
  • 12oz frozen Organic Jackfruit Pieces
  • 12oz frozen Organic Avocado Pieces (NEW!)
  • 12oz frozen Natural Passion Fruit Cubes
  • 12oz frozen Natural Watermelon Cubes
  • 7 digital recipes created by Kat Burris
  • 7 digital wellness tips created by Kat Burris
  • 7 digital exercises created by Kat Burris
  • Kit orders ship Monday - Wednesday (except holidays) the first or second week of January.
  • Orders arrive 1 - 3 days later depending on location and time of order.
  • Orders received before 10am (local time) Monday - Wednesday will ship the same day.
  • Orders after 10am (local time) will ship the next day or the beginning of the following ship cycle.

Our product is guaranteed fresh for up to 72 hours after your order has shipped. If you are not satisfied with your order, please Contact Us right away with images and other info to help us understand the issue.

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For the first time EVER, we’re offering all our superfruits plus a bonus superfruit. But that wasn’t enough. We added functional recipes, wellness and exercise tips created by Kat Burris, a registered dietitian nutritionist that is dedicated to helping others attain healthier habits.

Meet Kat Burris

Kat Burris is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist that loves teaching people about nutrition and wellness. Partnering with Kat has been a dream come true as she's been able to create functional recipes for this kit, as well as wellness and exercise tips to help us and others gain long term success in staying healthier.

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