Dragon Fruit Mojito

Dragon Fruit Mojito Recipe Pitaya PlusWe took a classic cocktail and made it prettier, tastier and easier to make! Yes, this Dragon Fruit Mojito is sure to bring a refreshing smile to everyone's face once they get a taste. So why wait? Try this easy and delicious recipe below and let us know what you think.

Yield: 4 DRINKS || Prep time: 7 minutes || Total time: 10 minutes
  • 1 Pitaya Smoothie Pack (chopped into cubes) or 1 small scoop of Pitaya Cubes
  • 4oz fresh squeezed Orange juice.
  • 12 sprigs of Mint
  • 12oz Vodka
  • 4oz Lime juice
  • 3 tbsp sugar/agave
  • 24oz ginger beer
  • Sparkling Water to taste (float as much as you want)
  1. Add citrus juices, mint, sugar and Pitaya to a blender and blend.
  2. Stir in Vodka, then ginger beer.
  3. Serve with ice and top with sparkling water : )
  4. Cheers your friends and enjoy!

NOTE: For an alcohol-free beverage, substitute the Vodka with extra Dragon Fruit or Orange Juice : )

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