Aqua Wellness Resort... A Nicaraguan Paradise


Aqua Wellness Resort Beach

Just imagine, you wake up in a luxury tree house right next to the beach with your own private pool… you step out onto the deck, but you’re not alone. A few monkeys are hanging out to watch the sun shine over the ocean with you. At this point you think to yourself, "could this get any better?”. Yes, it can and it does.

Welcome to Aqua Wellness Resort. A true paradise located on the pacific side of Nicaragua just two hours south of Managua. A place you go to get away, recharge… and enjoy the little things while making the most out of the more important things… yourself.

Aqua Wellness Resort TreehouseThe Pitaya team had the pleasure of staying at Aqua on our last visit to Nicaragua. “Paradise within a paradise” one called it, and we couldn’t agree more. When we first arrived, we noticed that all the buildings were in the trees connected by long wooden bridges, and every room we passed had a gorgeous view of the beach or lush tropical forest.

Waking up in the morning, none of us could escape the beautiful surroundings of nature and the breathtaking beach cove. It didn’t take long for us to grab some standup paddleboards to explore the coast and swim in the waves. Seeing the resort from the water, it really hit us that we were staying somewhere special. A place unlike anywhere we’ve ever been before.

Aqua Wellness Resort YogaThe few days we stayed we made the most out of all the activities Aqua had to offer. We ate amazing food, enjoyed time at the spa, but the best was when we all did Yoga overlooking the beauty of the cove. Let’s just say, not all of us had done yoga before, but it made us want to do it again.

If you’re looking for that perfect getaway, look no further than Aqua Wellness Resort. We all left that place knowing we’d be returning with our loved ones soon. It’s a place everyone needs to experience at least once, but brace yourself, because you won’t want to leave. Thank you to all the staff at Aqua that made our trip as amazing as it was, and we look forward to seeing you all again!


Aqua Wellness Resort TreehouseIf you're gonna sleep in the tree’s, expect some visitors...

Aqua Wellness Resort Monkey…like the newest member of the Pitaya Plus team, Mikey the Mono:) 

Aqua Wellness Resort Pool ViewThe toughest decision you’ll have to make is which pool to jump into.

Aqua Wellness Resort Pool View PitayaEven Pitaya’s need a vacation

Aqua Wellness Resort BirdsBelieve it or not, these birds are doing yoga

Aqua Wellness Resort Standup Paddle BoardingCo-Founder Ben Hiddlestone getting his sea legs

Aqua Wellness Resort Pitaya BowlFresh Pitaya Bowl anyone?

Aqua Wellness Resort Yoga StudioNow that’s a yoga studio

Aqua Wellness Resort Pool ViewNot a bad place to end the day

Aqua Wellness Resort SunsetA sunset so nice we watched it twice… because we stayed two nights;)

Aqua Wellness ResortTake 2 minutes and check out Aqua Wellness Resort online. It was a experience we’re all looking forward to again and again and again.


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February 16, 2016

This place looks AMAZING… what a beautiful location!


February 12, 2016

About to order my first pack of pitaya!! Thanks to Kimberly Snyders podcast :)

Natalie Malavet
Natalie Malavet

February 04, 2016

The aqua wellness resort looks amazing!!! I would love to win this sweepstakes. I love pitaya and just learned that you have smoothie packs by listening to Kimberly Snyder’s podcast. I look forward to buying the smoothie packs soon and can’t wait for you to have them in Wholefoods in NYC. Thank you for all the work that you do!! Peace &love, Natalie

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