How To Make a Splash This New Years

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Pitaya Plus New Years

Well it's New Years, and we wanted to show everyone how to add a little color to your celebration:) All you need is 1 Pitaya pack or 1 bag of our Pitaya cubes to get the party started.


Pitaya New Years

Step 1) Slice one Pitaya smoothie pack into small cubes. If you already have the Pitaya cubes, then you're ready to go.


Pitaya New Years

Step 2) Place 1 - 3 Pitaya cubes into each glass. The more cubes you add, the pinker the color will get:)


Pitaya New Years

Step 3) Pour your drink of choice inside the glasses filled with Pitaya cubes.


Pitaya New Years

Step 4) Be sure not to overpour like we did haha;)


Pitaya New Years

Step 5) Grab your drink and enjoy your New Years celebration:)


NOTE: Always try to use a lighter drink as the pink color is harder to see when mixed with darker liquids.

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December 22, 2020

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