5 Ways to Stay Inspired

It’s getting cooler, and it's easier than ever to get back into that cozy rhythm of not trying new things and forgetting about your health. Well, if you're one of many that don't want to fall victim to that stagnant routine, here are some amazing people to follow that will help keep you inspired all year long.
Eat Drink Shrink
A true kitchen magician that creates eye-catching recipes that are truly divine. Holding a BS in Nutrition & Dietetics from NYU, Gabrielle doesn’t stop with amazing recipes at home. She’s also on a council that promotes more plant-base recipes through schools in New York.
Website: www.eatdrinkshrink.com  |  Instagram: @eat.drink.shrink

Remi Ishizuka
Having a rough day? Remi will cheer you up! Based in LA, Remi has kept us following every post with her creativity, and passion for life and fitness. Kayla Itsines even posted about Remi because she's that awesome. One thing is for sure, Remi will always leave you inspired!
Website: Coming Soon  |  Instagram: @rrayyme

Breakfast Criminals
Ksenia, the mastermind behind Breakfast Criminals, has had our back since day one. A true inspiration for Pitaya bowls and many others. Based out of NYC, every recipe is created with love and not only tastes delicious but gives your body the healthy boost it needs.
Website: www.breakfastcriminals.com  |  Instagram: @breakfastcriminals

Fit Andy
A San Diego local that we’ve gotten to know and love. Andy has been featured in many of our Instagram posts and created one of the most delicious vegan cupcake recipes of all time (made with Pitaya Plus smoothies of course;)! We've come to learn Andy will never quit following her dreams and we love watching her get there.
Website: www.fitandy.com  |  Instagram: @fitandyy

Sweetened With Dates
Wow and wow just don’t cut it. Coming across Christy’s Instagram account has been a true pleasure. Every photo is beyond beautiful and leaves you wondering… how is that possible? Christy is a dedicated mother developing plant-based recipes that are almost too good to be true. We are sitting on the edge of our seats for her blog to come out, but for now, we’ll just be drooling over her Instagram photos;)
Website: Coming Soon  |  Instagram: @sweetenedwithdates

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