Pitaya and RAU Bowl

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Today we were inspired to try something different with our Pitaya bowls in hopes our taste buds would be blown away. Looking around for ideas, we saw the RAU cacao bottle and thought, “That’s it, Pitaya and Rau bowl’. We gave Daren and Brian (founders of RAU Cacao) a call to come by and give us a hand. For those of you that haven’t heard of RAU Cacao, they are a local San Diego company on a mission to bring health back into chocolate beverages by using all organic ingredients and RAW cacao. So after sampling some of their delicious drinks, we decided to go with their new Mint flavor cacao for todays bowl. Being that this is our first time ever blending Pitaya and RAU, we kept our ingredient list minimal to make sure nothing overpowered the taste.
After a group sampling, we all agreed that we created something beautiful. At first bite you get the same refreshing Pitaya taste at the beginning, with a rich chocolate mint finish. In a way, I guess we had dessert for lunch:) Checkout Rau Cocao online and learn about their amazing product and why their brand stands apart. Thanks you Daren and Brian for the drinks and look forward to more Rau Cocao flavors in the future.
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PS After this post, we asked our fans on social media to name the bowl. Thank you @javier_a_sm on Instagram for naming this masterpiece:)
The Pitaya RAU Bowl
The Pitaya RAU Bowl
Daren and Brian (RAU Founders)
RAW Pitaya smoothie pack hanging out with RAW cacao seeds
RAU Cacao is made 100% organic using RAW ingredients
RAW cacoa seeds surrounded by RAU cacao paste

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January 22, 2017

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